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Envision you are falling from a height of 160 meters, from an extension to an extremely unnerving river; gravity pulls you, ignoring air resistance and other forms of forces, on a free fall. Just few meters to reach the ground and you are pulled back itself by a cord that was put on your legs before you jumped, you go up for a while, experiencing Spring force as gravity pulls you back. And the process continues, until you are stable.

Bungy Jump is something that will bring the daredevil out of you, while you jump off the middle of the longest suspension bridge in Nepal. Claimed as one of the most spectacular jumps in the world, Nepal’s Ultimate Bungee prides of pumping your adrenaline in a way as never before.

Bungy is not limited to Bhotekoshi these days. Pokhara, which has been developed as a major adventure sports center and features activities such as paragliding and zip flying, has recently introduced itself as a major destination for Bungy jumping, where you can experience a 70-meters fall from a tower towards an artificial pond.


Want to feel gravity a different way? How about hopping off the high 160 meters high suspension bridge, then falling freely about 100m for a six seconds into the sensational canyon before you are caught by the twin line and make you swing like a pendulum; forming an arch of around 250m at 150 kilometers per hour.

Definitely you will revere the “swing” and actually be happy to realize that it exists in Nepal in case you’re making arrangements for an energizing experience occasion in the Himalayan country. The swing is directed mutually alongside bungy seizes the same area far from Kathmandu city in the midst of rich green slopes, 16 km south of Tibetan fringe.