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Ever wanted to soar like a bird? Paragliding is ready to lend wings for you to glide through the air. Harnessing the elements with rising currents of warm air, one can stay aloft for many hours and travel great distances. It is a simple engine free aircraft weighing 12 kilos and can be launched on foot and gently landed with minimum effort.

Operating from the foothills of the Annapurna range, the consistent weather conditions make it an ideal place for flying. It also offers the most spectacular scenery of the Himalayan giants, as one is free to take in the sights and just enjoy the view while flying like a bird. Recently, Pokhara and Kathmandu has been Paragliding destinations for adventurers.


Pokhara Valley has lately been developed as a destination for adventure sports, for example, paragliding and ultra-light aircraft flights. Furthermore with boating, bird watching, trekking and mountain biking as different attractions, Pokhara is the perfect holiday destination.

Paragliding is a relatively new adventure sport in Nepal, and only little information is accessible in tourists’ manuals. Paragliding in this Himalayan nation can be a genuinely eminent and satisfying background for the adventurers. You can experience unparalleled picturesque greatness as you impart airspace to Himalayan griffin vultures, falcons, kites, while skimming over towns villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and wildernesses, with a fabulous perspective of the superb Himalayas. The most recent three years have seen the action thrive in Pokhara, and it now is a universally perceived destination with the expectation of complimentary flight fans.

Paragliding is maybe the most compensating of brief time undertaking games given the way that there is nothing in the middle of you and the view unfolding before you. Out there lie the grand Himalayas and down beneath are the villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and wildernesses, a really 10,000 foot perspective and a fascinating one at that.


What is better than flying above the mists which will give you a lifetime memory; unforgettable panoramic views of the highest mountains of the world, and the view of the landmarks of Kathmandu in the same way a bird sees? Paragliding in Kathmandu above the Godavari Botanical Garden is a perfect opportunity to spread out the wings which will take you above 2100 meters above the sea level to look around the valley of Kathmandu.