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Why  not charter your own DHR Train?

This facility will be of special interest to larger groups of tourists, tour operators, travel agencies, corporate houses, film shooting, etc.

Single or round trips can be made between any two DHR stations with flexible timings to suit your requirements. Most charter organizers ask for their train to be hauled by one other heritage ‘B’ Class steam locos (built between 1889 and 1927) but modern diesel locos are also available. The composition of your train can include luxury first class coaches or higher capacity second class coaches or even heritage wagons for photo opportunities. Steam locos can haul 3 coaches and/or wagons up the fearsome DHR gradients while the diesel locos can haul 4 coaches and/or wagons.

Charter Train Rates:

Charter Trains single journey costs ₹ 57,310/- and round trips cost ₹ 91,175/-

In order to offer charter train to schools and other educational establishment at economical prices, we have a special rate for school charters. The cost of the single journey school charters is ₹ 35,000/- and round trips costs ₹ 55,000/-.

Special Coach Bookings:

If you have a small group who wishes to travel together, why not charter your own special coach or wagon which can be attached to any scheduled passenger trains as per demands?

Charter Coach Rates:

Coach & WagonType Fare
Heritage Coach – 124 (1917) 11 seat saloon coach ₹ 19,310.00
Heritage Coach – 14 (1943) 11 seat observation car ₹ 19,310.00
Heritage Coach – 149 (1968) 12 seat dining car ₹ 19,310.00
First Class coach (15 seats) ₹ 19,310.00
Second Class coach (28 seats ₹ 9,500.00
Flat Wagon ₹ 9,500.00
Cover Wagon ₹ 9,500.00

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