“Joy Ride”(Train Package)

/“Joy Ride”(Train Package)
“Joy Ride”(Train Package) 2016-12-30T15:18:46+00:00

“Joy Ride”

Round trip from Darjeeling to Ghum

Our popular ride from Darjeeling to near by Ghum passes a number of well known Darjeelings sites and attractions as it climbs fearsome one in twenty gradients and loops over itself to gain height. The Train will stop at Batasia Loop for 10 minutes for passengers to admire the views and then at Ghum for 30 minutes for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway – Railway Museum.

Choose to travel First Class behind one of our heritage ‘B’ Class steam locos (built between 1889 and 1927) or a modern diesel loco.

Train No. Loco ETD Departure Stoppage Arrival ETA
52546 Diesel 08:00 Darjeeling Ghum Darjeeling 09:50
52548 Steam 10:40 Darjeeling Ghum Darjeeling 12:40
52574 Diesel 11:00 Darjeeling Ghum Darjeeling 12:50
52549 Steam 13:20 Darjeeling Ghum Darjeeling 15:20
52575 Diesel 13:35 Darjeeling Ghum Darjeeling 15:25
52547 Steam 16:05 Darjeeling Ghum Darjeeling 18:05

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Passengers must be aware of road traffic when alighting from trains. All seats are reservable and advance booking is strongly recommended.