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Pang Lhabsol is an important state ritual. It is considered a national festival when Sikkim was an independent kingdom under the Chogyal regime and it is still celebrated as the oldest and biggest festival of the year with much joy and devotion.

It is not merely a festival where people from all walks  gather and perform but more than that it is an annual rite observed in praise of the protector deities , particular Mt. Khangchenzonga. A deeper analysis of the significance of the rite in spiritual sense will reveal its widespread benefit which is not confined to a particular society or community who participate, but impacts all people of Sikkim. This reverence to the deities as per the instructions left behind by the patron saint of Sikkim. Guru Padma Sambhava  or Guru Rinpoche, the precious teacher is observed every year on the fifteenth day of the seventh month with invocations and ritual offering.